Photo by @vineet_vohra Vineet Vohra (@vineet_vohra) tried his hand at wildlife and fashion…

Photo by @vineet_vohra
Vineet Vohra (@vineet_vohra) tried his hand at wildlife and fashion photography early in his career. But it wasn’t long before he was drawn to “the uncertainty and surprise” of street photography. “The temporary connections I make in the street are more intense than what I found shooting wildlife,” says the photography teacher from New Delhi. “For me, photography is not about sight. It’s about insight. My pictures are a dialogue, where I’m having a conversation with my audience, and with myself.”
A festival like #Diwali, the annual Hindu festival of lights, allows Vineet a deeper-than-usual dive into his culture. “I’m not very religious,” he says, “but I am very spiritual. And as a photographer, anything having to do with light has huge significance in my life.” So Diwali, especially, resonates with him. “You breathe for a while,” he says. “You think about the past year and moving into the next. There’s always negative energy around, even in good times, but the light during Diwali just washes it away. The light cleanses the soul.”
Check out today’s story to see what Diwali was like for Vineet. 📸

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