Photo by @evakosmasflores Eva Kosmas Flores’ (@evakosmasflores) food philosophy = seasonal and…

Photo by @evakosmasflores
Eva Kosmas Flores’ (@evakosmasflores) food philosophy = seasonal and local. “When we eat seasonally and support local farmers and growers, there are so many awesome things that happen,” says Eva. “Our meals taste infinitely better. Your local community’s economy grows. You’re eating nutrient-dense foods. And you’re helping the environment by reducing carbon emissions that come from shipping food all over the world.”
This year for #Thanksgiving, Eva will head to her parents’ house with her husband — the couple recently bought 29 aces (12 hectares) of logged forest they plan to restore to a healthy forest — plus a mix of friends and family. “I love that we all get to gather around a beautiful meal and enjoy the last of all the tasty autumn foods altogether.”
Check out the scene in Eva’s kitchen today on our Instagram story. 🦃🍁

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